NepalMedUK Specific Appeal 2019-2020: Dharan Training Courses

We are raising funds to return to Nepal in October 2020 to travel to NepalMed supported health clinics and hospitals in the Dharan area in the Eastern Region of Nepal (not far from Mount Everest!). We are going to teach and train healthcare staff to measure lung function as well as teach hospital doctors about sleep apnoea and advanced lung function testing. We estimate our costs for the trip (flights, transfers, transport, accommodation, etc.) to be about £3,000. WE would also like to buy some spirometers (lung function testing equipment) to leave with the staff in Nepal. These cost about £1500-£2000 each, so the more we can raise, the more we can set up a reliable lung function screening service.



The patients and people of Nepal who require medical help but do not have the money to pay for it are our principle target.
The clinical staff of hospitals in Nepal will be able to offer better services, more accurate and reliable diagnosis and treatments by being trained in established diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, where the equipment can be provided by NepalMed e.V. through NepalMedUK funds.
NepalMedUK also supports  trainee UK healthcare staff  (healthcare scientists, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, etc.) to experience 3rd World health systems as part of their training programmes (electives, attachments, fellowships, etc.) and undertake research and audit of healthcare issues in Nepal.  NepalMed UK will also encourage anthropologists (healthcare), social care experts, and hospital support expertise in administration, bioinformatics and human resources
NepalMedUK will supply them with medical aid in terms of the purchase of medical equipment, drugs and appliances as well as the delivery of high quality professional clinical training.  Occasionally, the delivery of other basic public health-related needs (e.g. toilets, sanitation, water filters, etc.) will also be provided to help prevent disease and reduce ill health.